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Side by side comparison of images or videos


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How to make a choice when feeling is the most important factor of decision ?

What is it ?

Compare options visually by images or videos, side by side, to get a feel of your choice. For example the customer is hesitating between two velux providing different daylight, what will be the feeling in the room ? Compare side by side different choices to feel the differences. Or in a shop, the customer will try clothes, compare side by side numerous styles to feel the difference.Interior design, Luxury fashion etc… We provide a full solution, including software and services for preparation of the visual survey and a full statistics report on customer choice cross reference with quantitative and objective data.

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Input to start the service

Guideline :

Narrative storytelling, listing of the clients needs and the content of the images to create such as choice of the materials and type of lighting in partnership with the design team. Including 1kickoff meeting. Construction of the Visualsense survey (Image based survey) (5k-10k)
3D image/video productions : modelling, lighting and rendering (About 10K euros for 1 scene and 10 calibrated rendering - video 1min/10k)
Create the Visualsens sessions. 5 to 6 sessions per project. Each session will include numerous visual strategies comparing few designs to gather customer insight. In the backend, each session will include technical information to automatically generate a report.
1 day Expert Visualsense for the workshop : 3K Euros
Présentation of the application to all sales team
Half day workshop to run the sessions and train the sales team
Post-processing of results and reporting on quarterly basis : 2K
Visualsense player license per project per year for 100 users : 3k Euros



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