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Reporter of solution


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Which problem does it solve ?

Build articles gathering solutions solving world challenges

What is it ?

We are launching our platform for the journalism of solutions

Find solutions and company with our A.I.
The A.I. search in global databases of 200+ million companies, 120+ million patent and technologies
to find the solutions which you need to include in your articles.

It will inform you on the company details which provide the solution such as the website of the company, their revenue, size and contact point details, email.

More than finding the right companies and solutions, it also provide a toolkit to create solution card, ready to be embed into your articles and purchased from the reader.
You can then secure a revenue stream from the purchase, as your commission will be provided automatically to you at each sale from your article, via an affiliate link.

200 Euros per month for 3 solutions/companies per week

A sample of article related to Intellectual Property can be seen in brochure.