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How to register a patent rapidly

What is it ?

Filing a provisional patent in US cost a small amount and it is fast. It will give you one year time to convert the provisional to a full patent application. We take care of the provisional filing for you. After this process you can officially say that you have a patent pending in US. Price is 120 Euros. Service is delivered within 48hours in average.

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One search in Ambercite


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Attention : This action can be done only one time, follow the guideline !

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Step 1 - Send your inputs information
- Contact person (Last Name, First Name, email, city, country, address)
- Each inventor (Last Name, First Name, email, city, country, address)
- Patent Attorney (First Name, Last Name)
Invention( Title )

Step 2 - Submit and we will proceed the application for you. You will receive the receipt within 48 hours

Step 3 - You will need to transform your provisional to a real patent application within 12 month following the inscription.



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