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PCR diagnostic test kit for coronavirus covid-19


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Which problem does it solve ?

Testing potentially contaminated people with coronavirus covid-19

What is it ?

This kit is used to detect RNA of the 2019-NoveI coronavirus in samples by adopting real-time PCR-FIuorescence technology, in particular by targeting the N protein of 2019 • NoveI Coronavirus, by designing specific primers and probes , then by detecting the signals (pages 10 to 15) Applicable instruments PCR instrument with two-color FAM and ROx fluorescence channel, including Thermofischer ABI 7500 (AEI). Quant SLANx-96P (Hongshi). CfX96 (Bio-Rad), etc_ diagnostic time? 90 minutes result of clinical study? There were 523 effective sample tests in this study, of which 202 were positive group samples and 321 were negative group samples. According to the statistical analysis, the positive coincidence rate of two methods was 97.52%, the negative coincidence rate was 99.38%, and the total coincidence rate was 98.66%.