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How to find similar patent

Search in patent with the help of an A.I.
You will get one credit of search for the software
This is the first step to protect your invention.
The aim is to list few similar patents. This list of patent can then be used by a patent enginer to provid his technical review for the patentability of your invention. Price is 80 Euros. Service is delivered within 48hours in average.


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Step 1 Submit the request, no inputs required
Step 2 You will receive an email within 48 hours with a login and a password to connect to the online software.
Step 3 You will get one credit to run the A.I. on your invention description (Disclosure).
Step 4 Follow the guideline to operate the software. You can then use the results for the next service which is to get a technical review on the patentability of your invention by a patent engineer.

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