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Language Training Digital Platform: Small Business

human resources

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Which problem does it solve ?

How to digitize language learning courses.

What is it ?

The client will have a robust L&D platform that is mobile-first. Increased engagement and performance.A customized language course will increase employee/learner skills and enhance business performance.Everything is in one system with affordable options to add more training. Client will control costs and have instant access to important training.

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Refer clients to the consultant with an introduction email to

Commission will be 30% of Big League Language’s (BLL) revenue resulting from a closed deal. BLL's revenue is calculated as the revenue share from distributing Gnowbe products PLUS their curriculum consultancy fee.

Simplified Example
If the GnowbeExtend License costing 4999 USD/year is sold, and BLL receives 30% for selling to a client, then BLL receives 1500 USD for the first year.
The BLL Curriculum Consultancy Fee for 4 hours of language training is 800 USD.

Therefore, the commission (1500USD + 800USD) x .30 = 690 USD for Revenue Share for the first year.

BLL may receive a lower or higher amount than in the example due to their agreement with Gnowbe.