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IP Screener Software


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Which problem does it solve ?

Search in global patent database from a text

What is it ?

A software to perform search in patent database, based on its semantic A.I. engine. The applications are numerous, such as finding if the invention is novel or sourcing for technology.

Does it include third party services ?

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One search in Ambercite
One search in Ambercite


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Input to start the service

Guideline :

Price :
80 Euros per credit,search (10 credits minimum in one purchase)
3,000 Euros per user per year

Commission :
10% commission for sale on listed price and 20% for the sale above listed price.

Methodologie :
Set a meeting of one hour
Open a trial of 5 credits for the prospect
Prepare a seach on one of their subject
Showcase the tool and disucss about the result
Send the proposal baed on their needs
Send the invoice