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Citations watch


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Which problem does it solve ?

How to monitor forward citations ?

What is it ?

We use to watch forward citations appearing every month. Not only direct citations but also indirect citations having great chance to be related.

We offer this unique multi-level citations watch for 20 euros per month, setup within 48 hours.
If you have subscribed to, you can see the results directly within the tool.

Does it include third party services ?

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One search in Ambercite
One search in Ambercite


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Attention : This action can be done only one time, follow the guideline !

Input to start the service

Guideline :

Input :
- Provide a patent number to monitor or up to 10 related patent number to monitor.
- Provide the date to monitor from
- Provide the frequency of the watch (By default monthly)

Outcome :
- A list of new patent found sent by email at the frequency requested and a link to review the result in Ambercite (Require a subscription)



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