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Automatic Prior Art Search with opinion


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Manage volumes of patentability search by maintaining high quality, speed and keeping the cost under control.

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We provide an automic prior art search with the A.I. for 80 Euros per search bundle with a one hour review and Opinion of novelty and patentability Technical or Legal.

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This cluster include partnerships between law firm and IP Boutique Firm who can provide an IPOpinion technical or Legal.
For a comprehensive relationship we limit the review at one hour per report. You have the choice between Partner, Associate or Engineer to perform the review.
The price of the one hour review range from 80 Euros for an engineer to 750 Euros for a partner, associate are usually between 250Euros and 500 Euros depending the country and lawfirm.
The cluster has the capacity to generate 100 opinions per week across all technical fields.
Billing of the opinion will be directly between you and the firm.
Our partnerships garanty a 48hours review time in average per report.



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