This document constitutes an agreement between


Arkanna residing, 59 rue de l’Abondance 69003 Lyon

For a period of 6 months, starting at the creation of the first proposal by the  Agent. This M.O.U is auto-renewable after the said period.


1. Objective


The Agent would like to explore the distribution of the Supplier’s offer to his clients and prospects. Such activity should be remunerated with a commission of the sale’s amount as per clause 4 of this agreement.  Following the period of this agreement the parties might want to sign a distribution agreement to continue the relationship.


2. General Terms of MOU


A. The Agent will provide the following services :


a. Send promotion emails to introduce the Offer to its prospects.


b. Create a quote with the tools provided by Arkanna for each prospect interested by the Offer :


c. Answer the prospect questions about the Offer and follow up with them to get their signature of the quote


d. Send the signed quote to the Supplier CC to Arkanna


B. The Supplier will provide the following services :

a. Approval of the quote received by the Supplier


b. Delivery of the Offer to the client after receipt of the signed quote


C. Arkanna will provide the following services :

a. A SalesKit to the Agent. All the documents that will be necessary to sell the Offer to the prospects.


b. An online system to generate a quote :


c. To invoice the client based on the signed quote, collect the amount through an online system and split the commission to the Supplier and the Agent as per commission model on clause 4.


d. An online mediation system in case of conflict between the Agent and the Supplier


4. Commission model for the Agent


a. 50% of the price before tax of the quoted amount minus the fixed cost to the Supplier*


5. Termination of MOU


The partnership covered by this MOU shall terminate upon completion of the agreed period. The agreement may also be terminated with a written one month notice from either side. In the event of non-compliance or breach by one of the parties of the obligations binding upon it, the other party may terminate the agreement with immediate effect.


6. Extension of Agreement


The MOU may be extended provided the parties agree upon, and can provide the necessary resources.



IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this MOU


The owner of the offer  (the Supplier)  

Your company,   (the Agent)