General Terms of Use


This agreement defines the  roles and the nature of the relationship of the Members of Arkanna, within each Cluster created. It lays the groundwork for a long-term relationship between the Members.


1. Definitions

Cluster : The cluster is composed of a set of companies 

Member : It refers to a company being registered to Arkanna in a cluster.
Member in charge : It refers to a member having a right of vote in a specific cluster

Invited member : Member being invited by the cluster to join and having no voting rights. 


2. Objective : 


The members of the cluster have identified that their goods and services are adding value to each other.


3. General Terms of MOU 


3.1 Distribution - Each member of the cluster can only sell the goods and services of their cluster. 


3.2 Quote to order within a cluster - In order to simplify the process of procurement within a cluster, Arkanna provides a quote to order system within the platform The members of the cluster can use the system to register their goods and services and directly order from other members. It is at the responsibility of each member to keep their offers up to date.


3.3 Commission model - Each time a member secures a sale for other members, they will get a commission. The standard commission is 30% of the end user price unless specified otherwise in the guideline of the offer. 

The platform Arkanna will get a 10% commission for each transaction from the cluster as management fee, unless specified otherwise within the guideline of the offer.  

Bonuses might be given to a member who invites another valuable member in the cluster. The calculation of the bonuses will be standardised at the discretion of the members in charge. 


3.4 Invitation of other members to the cluster - Every member can invite external companies to join the cluster if they see them adding value. The invited member should not be in direct competition with an existing member of the cluster. 


3.5 Leaving the cluster - The companies can leave the cluster under the following conditions :

  1. They can leave anytime by sending an email to 

  2. The members in charge of the cluster as listed in Annex A can decide to terminate an invited member at any time.  


3.6 Non compete - The members of the cluster shall not compete directly with other members or use the listed services from other members outside the platform Arkanna. 

3.7 Automating relationship between members - Arkanna provides a webserver and a team able to tailor made API for creating a “glue” between its members in order to automate some tasks. For example if one member has a platform, the order could be directly placed within it and trigger the purchase  from other member’s platforms. 

3.8 Your first cluster - You have been invited to join a first cluster. You will be considered as an invited member in this specific cluster.