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:Data Builder AI

Ecosystema AI (Industry Ecosystem Mapper)

An AI that maps and categorizes industry ecosystems.


Command: "Ecosystema, map <industry> ecosystems".

Riski AI (Risk Manager)

An AI that identifies and manages risks associated with industry ecosystems.


Command: "Riski, identify and manage risks related to <patents/website traffics/revenue/bad news/investment>"

Personify AI (Personalisation Engine)

An AI that enables customisation of industry ecosystems.


Command: "Personify, customize industry ecosystems by <adding/removing/replacing> <a new element> to <an existing element of the graph>

Findero AI (Product/Service Finder)

An AI that locates products and services of interest within an ecosystems.


Command: "Findero, find products and services for <describe your needs>".



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Ecosystema AI

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